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Articles – Written pieces on artists, artworks, exhibitions, events, projects etc.

Artist Biographies – Introductory text and summary of an artist’s background, artistic practice and experience.

Exhibition Content & Reviews – Written pieces including exhibition, artist & curatorial statements, accompanying text, and exhibition reviews.

Forwards – Introductory content for published works.

Fundraising Copy – Comprehensive copy for sponsorship or fundraising outreach and grant & award applications.

Interviews – Comprehensive interviews with artists, gallerists, art collectors etc.

Media Copy – Comprehensive text for print and digital media, including social media.

Press Release – Comprehensive text introducing, outlining and launching your work through the press.

Wilton Gallery, Exhibition text for Winter Exhibition, ‘Sculpture at the Wilton Gallery’, 2021.

Fabio La Fauci, Exhibition text for ‘Butterflies’, 2021.

Fabio La Fauci, Exhibition text for ‘Is It You? The Hybrid Session’ at Rhodes Contemporary Art, 2021.

Collector’s Guide, A short guide to collecting art, 2021.

ALLKINDS, Sponsorship outreach, press release and media copy for an online exhibition and art-book publication, 2020.

Reviews, Series of 38 exhibition & event reviews, 2020-21.

Art in Lockdown, Series of 37 interviews, 2020.

New Men, Forward to Bert Van Pelt’s latest book, 2020.

Press Up, Contributor on how to build an art collection, Press #1, Press Up, 2020.

Hang Tough Gallery, Digital copy for artworks, artists and exhibitions. Press release & media copy for exhibitions & interviews, 2019 – 2020.

Iverna, Series of 17 articles, interviews and exhibition reviews. Artist biographies for art collections and an art auction, 2019.

Exhibition Expedition, Series of 66 articles, 2015-2017.