Install Shot of ‘SPKTRM’ at Mend, 2021.

Kambo is a visual artist based in Dublin. Known for his vibrant style of geometric patterns and neon colours, Kambo is a stand out in the Irish Street Art scene. In his debut exhibition at Mend, Kambo creates an immersive experience filled with music, light and colour.

‘SPKTRM 30×30’ [2 Variants], UV Ink Printed on Laser Cut Recycled Acrylic, 30 x 30 cm, Kambo, 2021.

The exhibition is made up of a series of laser cut recycled acrylic works in Kambos signature style. The exhibition also includes a mural, a video installation and a series of beanbags from Kambo’s collaboration with Buddabag. With an allocated time slot, music begins to play as you enter the space and marks the length of the experience. This experience is a synthesis of the arts, similar to ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, as you immerse yourself in a space filled with curated artworks, lights and sounds.

Detail Shot of ‘Untitled’, UV Ink Printed on Laser Cut Recycled Acrylic, 120 x 120 cm, Kambo, 2021.

The exhibition also includes sculptural work by OranUtan. ‘Infinity Dodecahedron’ is a structure comprising of mirrors and multicoloured lights which give the impression of infinite reflections.

SPKTRM‘ is running from September 2021 at Mend. To see more of Kambo visit his website and Instagram.