7th Sense

Aoife Dunne is an award winning installation artist who creates interactive and immersive experience driven pieces inspired by material culture. Since graduating from NCAD in 2016, Aoife has gone on present artist talks and exhibit her work nationally and internationally.

Install Shot ‘7th Sense’.

Aoife produces site-specific installations which utilise art and technology to create an immersive and sensory viewer experience. She creates environments of organised chaos, with loud overlapping patterns set in carefully curated spaces, accompanied by composed sounds. The interplay of two-dimensional surfaces in three-dimensional arrangements, combined with the use of video, sound, and light blur the lines between reality and surreality.

Install Shot of ‘7th Sense’.

Aoife’s new installation ‘7th Sense’ occupies the entrance space of the LAB gallery. The single wall within the space, as well as the floor, are covered in an assemblage of abstract patterns, textures and colours. The abnormal atmosphere of the space is heightened by an inclined series of multicolored florescent lights suspended from the ceiling and a soundtrack of audio composed to simulate spatial movement.

Install Shot ‘7th Sense’.

The architecture of the space is a focal element of the installation, which incorporates the two glass walls of the building’s facade. The installation literally combines reality and surreality as the viewer is simultaneously viewing the happenings of Foley Street and experiencing the phantasmagorical world created by the artist.

‘7th Sense’ is open from 10 August – 24 October 2020 at The Lab Gallery. To see more of Aoife’s work visit her website and Instagram.