Assemble is the first group exhibition to be held at Atelier Maser, showcasing the work of seven of Ireland’s leading contemporary artists; Alice Fitzgerald, Aoife Scott, Deirdre Breen, Helen Steele, Jane Fogarty, Leah Hewson and Lola Donoghue. The vibrant and playful exhibition brings together several mediums, including painting, print and sculpture, which all play with colour, composition and form.

Assemble‘ Install Shot, Atelier Maser, 2020

Assemble‘ Install Shot, Atelier Maser, 2020

Alice Fitzgerald is a visual artist and designer based in Dublin. Her minimalist work combines the organic and elemental forms of nature with the structured and geometric shapes of the city. For the exhibition, she has produced a limited edition of single colour hand-pulled screen prints.

Shape Form(s)‘, Single Colour Hand-Pulled Screen Print, Alice Fitzgerald

Aoife Scott is a Dublin based artist whose work predominately focuses on the environmental impact of a consumerist society. Her work in the exhibition comprises of a beautiful limited edition print and a thought provoking series of bottles and containers made up of bio resin and plastics found on the beach.

Fish Food Series‘, Bio Resin and Found Beach Plastic, Aoife Scott

Deirdre Breen is a visual artist and designer based in Cork. She predominantly produces screen prints which play with abstract geometric forms, symmetrical compositions and colour theory. Her graphic 4 colour screen printed editions in the exhibition are composed of juxtaposing shapes and colours which encapsulate the assemblage of forms and materials seen in the exhibition.

400 Nanometers‘ [left] & ‘700 Nanometers‘ [right], 4 Colour Screen Print, Deirdre Breen

Helen Steele is a designer and artist based in Monaghan who has made her mark in the fashion world. She creates wearable art by combining her artistic styling and careful crafting. Her circular perspex piece included in the exhibition showcases her vibrant and energetic artistic proress.

Spin‘, Acrylic on Perspex, Helen Steele

Jane Fogarty is a visual artist based in Dublin. Her work concentrates on the the many ways we understand the passage of time and how these interpretations can be visualised. This can be seen in the transition from the the lively, free-forming and painterly shapes depicted on paper to the static, heavy and wilting forms of the sculptures in the exhibition.

20-01 (p)‘ & ‘20-02 (p)‘ [above], Egg Tempura on Paper, & ‘20-01 (s)‘ [below], Paper, Crepe Paper, Jesmonite and Pigment, Jane Fogarty

Leah Hewson is a visual artist based in Dublin. Her abstract work explores a visual expression for the unconscious mind and how it can be unraveled, excavated and expanded. Her layered perspex pieces in the exhibition offer a unique blend of colour, texture and presence.

Ubercharge‘ [left] & ‘Gauzy Rocket Y‘ [upper right] & ‘Gauzy Rocket X‘ [lower right], Lacquer and Vinyl on Perspex, Leah Hewson

Lola Donoghue is a visual artist based in Galway. Her delicate and ethereal works utilise muted colour palettes and layered compositions to unearth subtle tensions of the subconscious. One of her large paintings in the exhibition dominates a wall in terms of scale, yet the details and nuances in the piece harmoniously tie together the surrounding works.

Tier 31‘, Oil on Canvas, Lola Donoghue

Assemble runs in Atelier Maser until 28 August and is open Thursday – Sunday with no pre-booking required. For more information visit Atelier Maser.