Aoife Scott is a Dublin-based artist who has studied at NCAD and the Royal College of Art in London. Her work predominately focuses on the environmental impact of a consumerist society. Her thought-provoking artistic practice is showcased in her latest exhibition of new work on display at Fumbally Stables, Dublin.

Install shot of ‘Collide’ by Aoife Scott at Fumbally Stables, 2021.

The title of the exhibition ‘Collide’ stems from Aoife’s observations of how our consumerist society has negatively impacted our natural environment, particularly the sea. This is illustrated through the use of concrete in Aoife’s work, which appears in stark contrast to the soft and fluid seas of blue paint.

‘Shake What Your Mama Gave You’, Acrylic, Pastel and Concrete on Canvas, 75×55 cm, Aoife Scott, 2021.

Amongst the expanses of blue and imposing concrete forms are a multitude of coloured markings. These represent pathways which the artist herself has created while sea-swimming. Tracked on an app, the artist’s swimming routes are drawn out and placed within her artwork. These pathways not only portray the artist’s experience within the environment but also represent her place in highlighting issues such as conservation and sustainability.

Install shot of ‘Collide’ by Aoife Scott at Fumbally Stables, 2021.

In addition to concrete, Aoife also incorporates a range of materials which have been found, washed up on the beach. These include a variety of plastics, which have been worn down by the sea. These materials are preserved in bio-resin, further emphasising their durable and non-biodegradable nature. A series of 6 resin sculptures are on display in the exhibition, alongside 9 paintings and 4 works on paper.

‘Collide’ is running from 18th – 21 November 2021 at Fumbally Stables.

To see more of Aoife’s work visit her website and Instagram.