Davenport & Monaghan

In a dual exhibition at Gormleys Fine Art, artists Ian Davenport and Peter Monaghan present a range of dynamic works which utilise linear forms and vibrant colours to explore visual sensation and perception. Their works coexist harmoniously and provide the viewer with a visually stimulating and illusionary experience.

Install shot of works by Peter Monaghan.

Install shot of works by Ian Davenport & Peter Monaghan.

Install shot of works by Ian Davenport & Peter Monaghan.

The exhibition consists of 16 works which cover the 4 separate spaces of the gallery. The first two works set the tone for the exhibition and are located at the entrance of the gallery, one by each artist. The first room inside the gallery focuses on the three-dimensional works by Peter Monaghan. This room then leads into the second space of the gallery which showcases the ‘syringe painting’ prints by Ian Davenport. The entrance to the sculpture garden at the end of the gallery is occupied by graphic prints by Peter Monaghan.

Detail of ‘Autumn’, Chine CollĂ© Etching, Ian Davenport.

Ian Davenport is an internationally renowned visual artists from Kent, England. After graduating from Goldsmiths College he has gone on to win several awards and exhibit his work across the world. Ian produces vibrant and dynamic works by pouring and dripping paint onto a surface and utilising the effects of gravity to manipulate the direction and mixing of the paint.

‘Spring’, Chine CollĂ© Etching, 115 x 113 cm, Ian Davenport.

Ian Davenport has 6 printed works in this dual exhibition which explore dynamic movement and colour theory through the technique of dripping paint. His large prints depicting linear paint streaks which spill into pools of blending colours are all part of a series of etchings named after the four seasons, which in-turn define the tone of each work. The 2 remaining works presented in this exhibition are screenprints which play with colour theory and the overlapping streams of bright paint.

‘Colour Splat Wallop’, 28 colour screenprint, 117 x 94 cm, Ian Davenport.

Detail of ‘Colour Splat Cloud’, Screenprint, 85.1 x 56.4 cm, Ian Davenport.

Detail of ‘Fissure and Fracture Lines’, Mixed Media, 80 x 140 cm, Peter Monaghan.

Peter Monaghan is an award winning visual artist based in Dublin. He graduated from NCAD and was also an art lecturer at the Dun Laoghaire College of Art. Following his first solo exhibition in Dublin in 2002, Peter has gone on to exhibit his work throughout Europe, the US and Asia. He produces works which play with colour and form to create geometric illusions.

[Left] ‘Timecoloured’, [Right] ‘Rhythm and Colour’, Mixed Media, 80 x 110 cm, Peter Monaghan.

‘SwimSwamSwum’, Mixed Media, 80 x 140 cm, Peter Monaghan.

Peter Monaghan has 10 works in this dual exhibition. His mixed media work utilises many painted lengths of varying shapes which when arranged together at different raised heights can appear to alter the form and colour of the work. His 3 printed works explore similar colour theory and form in a 2-dimensional plane.

Install Shot of ‘Celestine Circles 1-3’, Limited Edition Print, 80 x 80 cm, Peter Monaghan.

The exhibition will be running from 10 – 30 September 2020 at Gormleys Fine Art. To see more of the artists’ work visit their websites and Instagrams: