Fault & Fold

Ed Kelly (aka Fault & Fold) is a visual artist and musician from Sligo who now lives and works in Dublin. With a degree in Design and a diploma in Fine Art (Painting), as well as having been a member of a few musical collectives, Ed established and co-runs a small music and art publishing label, Diet of Worms.

Ed’s latest works can be seen in his current solo exhibition, which features 20 hand-painted wooden assemblages and woodcuts. The works are displayed throughout Lucky’s, from the dining area through to the bar. The vibrant works mesh seamlessly with the decor and disco lighting of the bar’s interior.

Install Shot of Fault & Fold’s Solo Show.

Ed’s work is an accumulative process and involves the strategic yet organic placement and layering of overlapping forms and bold zones of colour to produce vibrant artworks.

‘Ymaelodi รข’r Ymylon Blue & Pink’, Acrylic on Birchwood.

Ed combines his creative backgrounds and produces artworks which are inspired by the abstract visual motifs of the North West of Ireland and informed by his work as a musician. His use of angular, curvilinear and overlapping forms with repetitive coloring evoke the visual features seen in rural landscapes. He plays with harmonious and complimentary colours to not only provide a rhythm to the artwork but also build a collective rhythm throughout the exhibition.

All of the works have sold since opening of the show on 10 September, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Inner City Helping Homeless.

The exhibition is running from 10 September – 28 October 2020 at Lucky’s. To see more of Ed’s work visit his website and Instagram.