‘Keel II’, Oil on Linen, 2020

Mary O’Connor is a visual artist and print-maker based in Dublin. Having lived in Ireland, New Zealand, Belize and Kazakhstan, Mary’s work has always taken inspiration from her changing surroundings. She produces graphic abstract works which utilise form and colour to explore concepts of culture, time, and flux.

In her latest exhibition ‘Keel‘, Mary explores the origins of the use of colour in her artistic practice and does so by bringing together work inspired by Ireland and New Zealand. These two countries provided the setting in which Mary’s artistic practice originated and matured, as she had studied visual communication in DIT and had studied painting in New Zealand.

The ‘Keel’ represents the merging point of the artist’s different experiences which became fully realised following her recent trip to New Zealand. The exhibition includes works created over the past year and a half including a silk scarf, several editioned prints, and an array of paintings, as well as new works which were produced during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The exhibition is running from 22 August – 19 September 2020 at SO Fine Art Editions. To see more of Mary’s work visit her website and Instagram.