Let’s Dance

Brian Giles (aka Sonofafox) is a printmaker and graphic designer based in Dublin. Having graduated from the Institute of Art Design and Technology (IADT), Brian has gone on to develop a strong and unique visual style of printmaking. Based out of his studio at Damn Fine Print, Brian produces vibrant and energetic prints which play with movement, texture and colour.

His most recent work can be seen in his current show, ‘Let’s Dance’, which occupies the foyer of Damn Fine Print Studios. The exhibition consists of 14 new prints which were produced over a six month period of intense studio time during lockdown. The walls of the space are adorned with 14 screenprints and set to the side of the entrance are 2 risograph prints.

‘Vanishing Point’, Three Layer Scrennprint, 50 x 70 cm.
‘Synaesthesia’, Three Colour Screenprint, 95.5 x 32 cm.

The works in the show all focus around the theme of connection, from social gatherings to physical contact, which is absent in this current climate of social distancing and restrictions. ‘Let’s Dance’ features an array of overlapping abstracted figures in motion yet still, as if frozen until a time when they can resume. The works simultaneously capture the blurred memories of past parties and the anticipation of future celebrations.

Brian’s unique visual style incorporates the use snapshot images combined with printing techniques of layering halftone patterns of bold and luminescent colours to produce textured and graphic prints. The exhibition includes two of the screens used by Brian during his printmaking process.

‘Let’s Dance’ is running from 18 September – 2 October at Damn Fine Print. To see more of Brian’s work visit his website and Instagram.