Make The World Go Away

Install shot of ‘Make the world go away’ at Atelier Now, 2021.

Make the world go away‘ is an exhibition of work by Sarah Doyle. She is a Dublin based photographer who has studied at the University of Arts in London. In her debut exhibition at Atelier Now, Sarah presents a series of whimsical and colourful photographs which play with objects and scale.

‘Pink stairs’, Photographic Print, 53.3×73.9 cm, Sarah Doyle.

The exhibition consists of 22 works which were produced between 2015 – 2019. During this period, Sarah would work on this series in the time between other projects. Her creative exploration of these familiar shapes and objects was a subconscious pursuit in response to the often overstimulating visuals of her professional work.

‘Curve’, Photographic Print, 38.1×30.4 cm, Sarah Doyle.

These object studies play with form, lighting and scale to create bright and refreshing scenes. Captured as still moments, these compositions are in a state of balance, that can be broken at any second. The delicate placement of string, towering mounds of sand and vertically folding forms illustrate a kinetic energy in the work that is on the brink of release.

‘Arch (yellow)’, Photographic Print, 35.5×53.3 cm, Sarah Doyle.

"These colours, lines, light and shadow are all expressions of this world where things can be worked out and the possibilities are endless..."  Sarah Doyle, 2021

These charming scenarios portray the momentary escape that the artist experiences from her professional work and the world. This is encapsulated in the title of the exhibition, ‘Make the world go away’.

‘Make the world go away’ is running from 19 June – 10 July 2021 at Atelier Now. To see more of Sarah’s work visit her website and Instagram.