Neil Dunne is a painter and printmaker based in Dublin. Having graduated from NCAD in 2014 and having been awarded the post-graduate scholarship from 2015-17, Neil has gone on to produce expressionist works on the subject of the urban environment which have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Neil has developed his own contemporary style using the medium of paint and print to explore the aesthetics of urban spaces and the built environment. He produces expressionist works which play with structured form and vibrant colours, while often juxtaposing painterly and detailed figurative imagery with rough and textured abstract brushwork.

‘Untitled (Observations with Shapes)’, Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 115 x 150 cm.

Through his work, Neil conceptualises a multidimensional visual language for the urban environment by pairing socio-cultural visual signifiers with urban methodologies, such as the repeated use of structured forms and painting techniques often seen in the graffiti subculture.

[Left – Right] ‘Structure i-ii’, Acrylic Polymer and Spray Paint on Canvas, 115 x 150 cm.

‘Outlier’ was intended to launch back in June 2020 but was postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. The exhibition is a culmination of about two years work and includes 15 new works on canvas, a series of 3 new pastel drawings on paper and a new print edition.

[Left – Right] ‘Study i-iii’, Oil Pastel on Paper, 28 x 34 cm.

This body of work reflects a cyclical development in Neil’s artistic practice which was realised over lockdown. Neil revisited old approaches and ideas with a matured eye, while he continuously developed and refined his methodology and identified fundamental forms and colours which have remained throughout his work.

‘Outlier’, 5 Silkscreen Print, 56 x 75 cm.

‘Outlier’ is running from 26 September – 24 October 2020 at SO Fine Art Editions. To see more of Neil’s work visit his website and Instagram.