Install shot of ‘Remnants’ by Domino Whisker at Atelier Now, 2021.
Install shot of ‘Remnants’ by Domino Whisker at Atelier Now, 2021.

Domino Whisker is an Irish artist and writer based in Dublin. Her artistic practice illustrates and journals her life, experiences, and relationships through delicate and intricate works of hand-stitched embroidery. Her latest body of work, ‘Remnants’, is currently showing at Atelier Now.

Install shot of ‘Remnants’. [Centre] ‘Family of Four’, Hand Embroidered on Bainin, 106×166 cm, Domino Whisker, 2021.

In what is Domino’s first solo exhibition, ‘Remnants’ is a collection of moments and memories illustrated through beautifully hand-embroidered images, shapes and texts. These deeply personal works were produced by the artist following a period of great loss, the passing of her father.

The exhibition includes over 40 pieces of embroidery created as part of the artist’s process of “piecing together fragments to make something whole again, for the sake of self-preservation.” As a result, these artworks are imbued with feelings of sentimentality, poignancy, as well as hopefulness and joy.

Detail of ‘Blue’, Embroidery on Cotton Canvas, 37×40 cm, Domino Whisker, 2021.

The duality of the imagery used poetically captures an array of emotions experienced in grieving and healing. The lively and inspiring images of birds in flight recall cherished memories, yet also suggest delicate and fleeting moments, as well as freedom and transcendence. The reference to natural forces such as waves, suggest the powerful and cyclical process of ebb and flow. This provides insight into the artist’s grieving process, yet also suggests a spiritual process of cleansing and healing.

‘My Black Shroud (roll in roll out)’, Embroidery on Cotton Canvas, 53.5×44 cm, Domino Whisker, 2021.

‘Remnants’ is running from 18th November – 4th December 2021 at Atelier Now.

To see more of Domino’s work visit her website and Instagram.