Art in Lockdown

Art in Lockdown is a series of interviews with over 40 artists and creatives discussing how the ongoing global crisis and lockdown have impacted their artistic practices, creative projects and lives over the past few months.

‘Artists in Lockdown’ captures an intimate and, at times, profoundly personal insight into the lives of artists during lockdown. It is a collection of unique and intriguing experiences from the perspective of artists from various disciplines (painters, sculptors, printmakers, illustrators, designers, photographers, street-artists, and other visual artists). While heavily focusing on Irish artists this project also includes artists from Australia, Nigeria, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and the US.

‘Creativity in Lockdown’ is a collection of creative projects which were impacted by or born out of lockdown. It explores several creative projects from Irish filmmakers, festival directors, charities, creative agencies and collectives.